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Industrial Safety Shoes
Many workplaces are required to follow the safety standards and provide the employees essential safety shoes which can protect them from any type of injury. Industrial safety shoes are meant to prtect feet from cuts, burns, fractures, etc.
Safety Harness
Prevent serious injuries due to accidental fall from height while doing your job by wearing a safety harness. It is important to regularly check your harness for signs of wear and tear.
Fire Extinguisher Ball
Fire extinguisher balls are the multipurpose flames protection elements that are considered as one of the convenient, safe and light weight solutions to put down fire. These safety components are filled with high performance, environmentally friendly chemicals that are highly efficient to extinguish blazing flames.
Concrete Glass Fiber
Concrete Glass Fibers are highly tensile and thermal resistant materials that are used in civil construction and architectural applications. These synthetic fibrous elements are used to enhance the properties of the concrete mixtures by blenging them with cement in appropriate proportions.
Face shield
Shri Ram Plastic is supplying premium quality and light Face Shields that are especially designed to protect yourself from the harmful viruses in this pandemic. These personal safety elements are available in different designs and sizes.
Rubber Gloves
Rubber Gloves are accessible with good strength and allow for good flexibility. These enable a comfortable fit and can do away with the hand fatigue. They can be worn for longer durations and allow for good utility in many conditions.